Influencer sparks outrage in Bali and faces deportation for disrespecting sacred tree with nude photos

Picture: Ni Luh Djelantik/INSTAGRAM

Picture: Ni Luh Djelantik/INSTAGRAM

Published Apr 18, 2023


Just recently an influencer thought freeing the nipple wasn't enough and decided to flaunt her naked body against the sacred Kayu Putih tree. Now, that's some confidence! I mean, we know how it goes.

The locals are obviously not happy with her bold move. They are furious! Can one blame them? It's like going to the Vatican and doing a pole dance on the altar. Not cool, influencer, not cool.

Ni Luh Djelantik took to social media to express outrage, sharing photos of the woman who had the audacity to post naked on the 700-year-old Kayu Putih tree in Tabanan, located 14 miles Northwest of Denpasar, Bali's capital city, and located at the back of a temple.

According to a Yogi Times report the tree represents ‘’ the eternal cycle of death and rebirth and it protects spirits after death.’’ Therefore, the Balinese believe that such disrespectful behaviour can disrupt the delicate balance between the physical and spiritual realms, causing harm to the individual and the community.

"To all you foreigners out there who think Bali is just a playground for your disrespect, think again!" Djelantik captioned the post, visibly agitated.

"Is it really cool to take your clothes off and defile our holy trees? Bali is our home, not yours! If you can't respect our tradition and culture, then pack your bags and leave!" she continued.

According to the Daily Mail, the influencer responsible for the outrage has been arrested and is now facing deportation.

It's unclear where she was travelling from, but let's hope she learns from this. Who knows, soon we may just see an apology video on the gram, with tears and the whole ‘’It was never my intention to disrespect or offend anybody,’’ speech, blah blah blah.

It’s always better to do your research on the destination you’re planning to visit in order to avoid situations such as this, since everything has become ‘post worthy’ it’s better to be safe then getting deported or worse.

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