Brasse Vannie Kaap legacy celebrated in doccie

Brasse Vannie Kaap. Picture: Supplied

Brasse Vannie Kaap. Picture: Supplied

Published Mar 9, 2024


Cape Town - Iconic Cape Town hip hop group Brasse Vannie Kaap’s legacy is set to be celebrated in an upcoming kykNET documentary.

Fans of the popular group are invited to be a part of history as the documentary follows the life and times of the seven-member group that started out in 1996.

The documentary takes an in-depth look at the history and origin of BVK and tells the story of how a multi-talented group of youngsters from the Cape Flats transcended cultural and racial barriers, in a newly post-apartheid South Africa, through their music and performances.

Brasse Vannie Kaap. Picture: Supplied

Director/producer Lauren Scholtz, of Dala Films, said the documentary is set to premiere at the Silwerskermfees later this year.

Founding members who started the group in 1996 include DJ E20 (Enver Peters), DJ Ready D (Deon Daniels), Hamma (Roger Heunis), Baby L (Lyndon Cloete), Bboy Levi (Nigel Carelse) and Bboy Cheese (Grant Edwards) alongside the frontman and face of BVK Mr Fat (Ashley Titus), who died in 2007.

Later in 1998, DJ Azuhl (Ricardo Nune) joined the team and the rest is history, history that remains relevant today.

Ashley Titus, aka Mr Fat. Picture: Supplied

In the documentary that is currently being filmed, DJs Azuhl and Grandmaster Ready D dive into the archives to share some of their most memorable moments being part of the group.

Scholtz said: “As part of the documentary concept, I thought it would be exciting for audiences to see Grandmaster Ready D and DJ Azuhl embark on an emotional journey in the present day, and not just give a traditional documentary historical account.

“So in the documentary, we’ll see them plan and execute this show to honour the group and late, great frontman Ashley Titus, aka Mr Fat. And the show itself will be filmed as part of the documentary’s narrative as well.”

BVK poster. Picture: Supplied
Brasse Vannie Kaap. Picture: Supplied

On Saturday, March 9, BVK fans will form part of a special tribute show that will be filmed as part of the documentary at Youngblood-Africa Gallery in Bree Street, Cape Town.

Azuhl added: “It’s quite an emotional experience putting this documentary together, I still get emotional when we talk about Mr Fat. But we are doing it to honour him and the whole group who formed part of this Afrikaans rap movement in South Africa, a group from the Cape Flats who were nominated for two Samas in the past.

“Not many know that this was the first Afrikaans rap group nominated for a Samas. BVK has done a lot for the hip hop community and also to have a new generation of artists on the line-up to celebrate with us.”

Tickets to the show are free but limited due to venue size and capacity. Those who missed out on grabbing their tickets will have to wait for the documentary to air to see their favourite hip hop artists in action.

The show’s line-up includes big names and young up-and-upcoming artists, such as BVK, Beat Bangaz, YoungstaCPT, CREAM MACHINE, Bliksemstraal, Hakkiesdraad, Kaecee, Rhythm Factory, Lee Drake, Jerome Rex and more.

“We believe it’s crucial to control the narrative when telling our stories. BVK embodies the depth and breadth of hip hop culture, and both the live show and documentary aim to illuminate these facets.

“These experiences offer the audience a chance to reconnect with the group and, for those unfamiliar with South African hip hop and Afrikaans rap, the opportunity to gain a foundation in its cultural aspects and diverse expressions showcased through live performance.

“The documentary incorporates diverse perspectives, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity. This project also celebrates our unique cultural heritage, language, and dialect specific to Cape Town and the Cape Flats.

“We strive to broaden awareness of the rich tapestry woven by South Africa's history and culture.

“We believe this is the perfect platform for audiences to experience the power and creativity of BVK as a group, and hip hop as a whole,” said DJ Ready D.

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