Despite his disability, Mitchells Plain singer Moe-ain just ‘wants to make you happy’

Moe-Ain Daniels. Picture: Supplied

Moe-Ain Daniels. Picture: Supplied

Published Mar 23, 2024


If ever you thought your challenges of making your mark in the music industry was an excuse to delay the process, let the story of Moe-ain Daniels be your inspiration to make those moves today.

Moe-ain, 35, from Eastridge in Mitchells Plain was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, an extremely rare condition which deprived him control of his body from the neck downwards.

The singer’s condition confines him to his bed and bedroom which means he is only occasionally able to venture out of these confines, with the aid of being lifted into a wheelchair.

Moe-ain met his good friend and music producer Clive Ridgway who is making sure Daniels reaches his dream of becoming a singer.

Moe-ain Daniels with Clive Ridgway in studio. Picture: Supplied

The songwriter and producer’s story is a poignant one, not only because of his physical challenges, but also because of his social circumstances.

Being dependent on his 68-year-old mother, Moe-ain’s prospects of growing as an artist, are severely limited.

Moe-ain who can’t use his hands or other limbs, makes contact with friends and family on social media, using his mouth to help him type a text message or send a voice note when needed.

Moe-ain told Weekend Argus: “I have physical challenges but I don’t dwell on them. I am at peace with my life. I would like to get out a bit more but understand that this is not always possible.

“There are a few small things that I need that could make a difference in this regard, like having a ramp to get a wheelchair in and out of the house more easily. I have a loving family and two beautiful dogs that are with me all day. I focus on what is real and what I have to be grateful for.”

Moe-ain Daniels with Clive Ridgway in studio. Picture: Supplied

The singer who previously released original music, is now back in studio to record his latest single called ‘Wana Make You Happy’.

Clive said: “I have been doing what I can to assist Moe-ain with songs and recording. I also took Moe-ain through my 8-week songwriting course a few years ago and he was awarded a certificate of course completion. This entailed him writing an original song of his work.

“The song will be released on all digital platforms, worldwide. It will be released through the Next Music distribution group which will also ensure that the song is also sampled to all local radio stations and media outlets.”

The romantic ballad singer said, of his studio experience: “My experience today during my recording session with Clive was absolutely amazing. March 20, is a day that I will not easily forget.

“We started off rehearsing the song before we recorded the actual song.

“I can’t wait to share this romantic yet powerful ballad with South Africa. The song will appeal to anyone, but mostly to those who are in the beginning stages of falling in love. I know it will be appreciated and loved by many.

“Clive and I worked very hard to put this song together and it didn’t happen overnight. Both my previous singles ‘Don’t Need Wings To Fly’ and ‘These Walls’, were inspirational songs, so I’m glad I got to record this romantic song, because I am the kind of person that adores my love songs and it’s my favourite genre.

Achmat Forbes assists Moe-ain to get to and from the studio comfortably. Picture: Supplied

When Moe-ain was five-years-old, he fell in love with music and spent hours singing along to songs on the radio.

He dreams of one day performing alongside Selim Kagee and internationally Celine Dion.

“She is the reason I am a singer today”, he said.

His previous songs ‘Don’t Need Wings to Fly’ and ’These Walls’ were written for him by Clive and his brother Tony.

“I sing songs that are authentic to me and songs that will inspire other people especially those who need inspiration and motivation.

“I sing for those who are marginalised in society for whatever reason; be it a disability, poverty or just that they are socially not well equipped to deal confidently with the pressures of life.”

Clive says his journey with Moe-ain started in 2016 while he worked at Smile Radio.

Moe-ain reached out to Clive and asked for help to record his music.

“I went to meet him at his home and realised there and then that he had something special … vocally and character-wise. I wrote a song for him called ‘Don’t Need Wings To Fly’. It summed up my respect for him as a ‘can do’ individual who to this day has not allowed his physical and circumstantial challenges get the better of him. With the aid of several wonderful local music industry people we recorded the song,” said Clive.

While getting Moe-ain into studio is a challenging process, the singer said he loved every minute of it.

Clive explained: “Moe-ain will be propped up in a wheelchair for the recording. He can’t sit too long in the wheelchair but being the studio professional that he is, the recording will not take too long. Moe-ain is always well-prepared and efficient in the studio.”

“He deserves to be on stage in front of a live audience regularly. He is an excellent singer by any standard. With the right assistance and the right team behind him, he would be a wonderful speaker and entertainer on the motivational circuit.

“Our industry unfortunately does not make provision for artists that are physically and circumstantially challenged in the way Moe-Ain is. I sincerely hope that the effort we are making, brings Moe-ain to the attention of someone who can assist him towards his dream of being a working entertainer. “

Moe-ain’s single will be released on all digital platforms through The Ridgway Brothers Music label, in association with Next Music distributors.

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