13-year-old boy from Happy Valley bags a role in ’Suidooster’

Jadon Booysen and his mother Wilma Booysen. Picture: Supplied

Jadon Booysen and his mother Wilma Booysen. Picture: Supplied

Published Jul 20, 2021


Cape Town – Hailing from the small town of Happy Valley, 13-year-old Jadon Booysen found his way into one of South Africa’s most popular soapies, Suidooster.

In his new venture, Jadon plays the role of Carlo, who is apparently the long-lost son of Tyro Daniels (Maurice Paige).

Other than acting, Jadon enjoys the same things as any 13-year-old.

“I always liked performing for my family because I always dreamt of being on TV, but never in a thousand years did I dream I would be in a TV series like Suidooster. When I am not playing Carlo though, I love playing games, soccer and most of all, I am a big fan of gadgets,” said Jadon.

With a role like this, one would think that Jadon had to go through several auditions before getting the job, but his agent, Loretta Joseph, said Jadon’s confidence made him stand out from the beginning.

“The characteristics that set Jadon apart is that he is an independent thinker, he is steadfast in his faith, he is jovial and funny and can make people laugh. He is somewhat serious about life yet has the aspiration to rise above his circumstances. He is willing to learn from others and has strong opinions and can openly agree to disagree on certain viewpoints,” said Joseph.

Jadon wants to be successful so that he can give back and uplift his community.

“I would like to be an inspiration to children who are less privileged and who want to give up on life. I want to spread the word of God in thanksgiving and indeed to the youth as part of my future plans. I want to be a successful man who can have influence across the world on how God is working in my life so that those who had no hope, can get hope from me,” said Jadon.

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