Drink spiking is rife says Drinkerbell. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File)
Drink spiking is rife says Drinkerbell. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File)

Drink spiking is rife and deadly says Drinkerbell.

By Shanice Naidoo Time of article published Sep 25, 2021

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Victims range from 14 year old girls to 70 year old women

Cape Town - Spiking of drinks is widespread, leaving women and young girls traumatised and feeling vulnerable.

Drinkerbell Peach Piche said this after a woman reported that her drink had been spiked but she managed to save herself by taking charcoal.

The alleged victim posted that she did what she thought was right at that time to stop the feeling and help her to throw up.

Piche said spiking was rife but went largely unreported because women were often too embarrassed to report it, as they believed that they were drinking too much.

“They should still report it. It is not only alcohol that is being spiked, soft drink and even water. It is happening everywhere you name it, at conferences, house parties, pubs, golf days everywhere.” said Piche.

Piche’s daughter, Skyla, was out one Friday evening at a restaurant in an upmarket suburb at 7pm and her drink was spiked. The effects the spiking had on her were horrendous – physically, mentally and emotionally. It took her two months to recover and for the blood in her eyes to subside, she could have died. Sadly, some girls have, whilst others were assaulted, robbed or raped.

“It was a roller coaster ride of emotions. I was angry and concerned I wanted to find out who had done this. As a mom I just had to be proactive,” she said.

Drinkerbell was born soon after. Piche developed drink covers for women that can be easily carried around just like a mask.

National police spokesperson Vish Naidoo said spiking was prevalent a while back but with education and awareness it had subsided.

“We encourage those that have been through this to report this to us. We won’t know what is happening if it is not reported to us. It is assault and depending on what effect it has on the person that had their drink spiked more charges may be added,” said Naidoo.

Piche disagrees, saying they get hundreds of calls every week of spiking incidents from all over the country . She added that complainants ranged from 14 to 70-years old.

She mentioned the case of a woman called Jess whose her drink was spiked. Four days later she was declared clinically dead.

“I knew Jess well, she worked for me as a promoter years ago and I loved her to bits. I can still hear her voice and laugh when I see her pictures. My heart is shattered. beautiful Jess, we will keep raising awareness in your honour and know your story and our initiative will save girls' lives, just wish you could have been saved too,” said Piche.

Dr Saumya Gautum said women or girls who get roofied or drugged may feel spacey, foggy, disoriented, distant or confused.

“They can’t stand up, they can’t walk, they have blurred vision, they have no control of their motor skills. If someone is unknowingly drugged, they may feel dizzy, nauseous, sleepy, confused or have slurred speech. If you suspect that someone drugged and assaulted you, have someone you trust to take you to the emergency room. The authorities will collect any evidence they can, so try not to pee, douche, bathe, wash your hands, or change clothes before you go to the hospital. Tell your medical team what happened. Ask for a urine test as soon as possible so they can look for drugs before your body flushes them out,” said Gautum.

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