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Saturday, May 21, 2022

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FF+ is a multiracial party, claims Lennit Max

Freedom Front Plus Cape Town mayoral candidate Lennit Max is appealing to voters to vote for his party. CINDY WAXA

Freedom Front Plus Cape Town mayoral candidate Lennit Max is appealing to voters to vote for his party. CINDY WAXA

Published Oct 16, 2021


Cape Town - The Freedom Front Plus says it is a party for all South Africans and not just white people.

The party said this was demonstrated by their candidate lists for the upcoming local government elections.

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“We are growing, and we are a principled party and not changing policies to get votes,” said the party’s head of elections, Wouter Wessels.

The party is targeting significant growth in Cape Town where they currently have only one councillor.

Mayoral candidate for the party Lennit Max echoed the sentiments.

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He said: “The FF+ changed its policies, there are communities that are marginalised by bad governance and we have come together to fix that.

“We want to build our country for our children and grandchildren to live in. We want to make the country that is attractive to investors; it was for this reason when they reached out to me and invited me to participate in the process of building this country and serve our people I could not decline that opportunity. I was declined that opportunity by the DA.”

The experienced campaigner said the major issue facing Cape Town was crime and that trying to deal with crime by policing it only would not make it go away.

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“With crime, there are two factors involved, one is the desire to commit a crime and the other one is the opportunity to commit a crime.

“That desire is the social conditions of our people. They are unemployed, they have needs and the gangs become attractive in the absence of the government creating jobs for them.”

He added that the municipality under him would make sure that infrastructure was properly managed and expanded, especially the city’s sewage systems.

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“Our city is growing and you cannot wait until the sewage spills over to the roads. The other critical issue is the housing; we have to identify where is state land available so we can build affordable housing near the CBD.

“When people get houses they must be able to maintain it and for them to do so they must have jobs.”

Max also said that the public should have access to money paid to service providers to create transparency. He criticised the high rates that residents pay for water and electricity.

“That thing needs to be looked at because they are milking us. The City is now a profitable institution when it should be serving the people. That is not the City that cares.”

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