Fired up and ready to make music: Beatenberg to release new album

Matthew Field said there is a lot of variety on their new album. Supplied

Matthew Field said there is a lot of variety on their new album. Supplied

Published Mar 30, 2024


South African-born indie pop band Beatenberg are back with their latest album The Great Fire of Beatenberg.

The album, which has 13 tracks, will be released next week, ahead of their European shows in Amsterdam and London on April 16 and 18.

Known for hits such as Chelsea Blakemore, Beauty Like a Tightened Bow and Rafael, it will be their first album in five years.

The three-man band is made up of Matthew Field (vocals and guitar), Robin Brink (drums), and Ross Dorkin (bass).

Field said there was a lot of variety on the new album, including slow, up-tempo and sentimental songs.

“There are a few new tracks on this album that are kinda different from what we did before. Some of them are a bit more emotionally direct, like I’ll Be There, or Bath Towels, which I think is quite interesting.

“In general, I think it has the elements of musical influence of our home country, South Africa. We have been away in various places for a time, so it kinda feels like coming back to that stuff.

“There is a collaboration with Sun El Musician called Branches On A Tree,

which is really exciting and something different. Don’t Call Her Over To You has been described to me by people (as) sort of typifying (the) Beatenberg sound and that is a song I like as well,” he said.

Since their debut album The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg in 2014, the band has been enjoying great success, breaking radio chart records and winning numerous awards.

Field said he hoped the work they had cared so much about would be of benefit to someone somewhere, some time.

“I’m just as motivated as ever to put form to the feelings that I’ve had since I can remember, and to make music and word arrangements that I love.

“I also remain grateful and am sporadically overcome by the way people have continued to connect with our music.

“I thank everyone for listening and responding in whatever way you have and continue to do,” he said.

His message to their fans: “Thank you so much for sticking with us (through) all this time, following us and supporting us. We hope to bring much more music to you in the future.”

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