Jimmy Nevis’ decade in the music industry

The musical darling of Cape Town, Jimmy Nevis celebrates 10 years in the music industry. Picture: SAMANTHA LEE PINTO

The musical darling of Cape Town, Jimmy Nevis celebrates 10 years in the music industry. Picture: SAMANTHA LEE PINTO

Published Dec 10, 2022


After legal battles and mental health introspections, Cape Town’s very own singing pride and joy, Jimmy Nevis celebrates 10 years in the music industry.

His milestone is a journey of growth, lessons learned and hope.

Born Matthew Peter Le Roux, the Athlone star fell in love with the name ‘Nevis’ on a CD cover in high school to which he later introduced himself to everyone he met.

Nevis shared in an intimate interview with the Weekend Argus that his latest album had allowed him to be more in control of the production aspect. Lyrically, the album allowed him to identify with more spaces of representation. Nevis treats his latest album as a diary entry, more in depth and intimate. Before that he shared how his previous albums were layered with metaphors and wordplay.

“This latest album is honest and raw. I cannot wait to perform it to fans and allow myself to be emotional, vulnerable and allow myself to express myself without restraint.”

“I come from a very spiritual and conservative background. I am now in a space where I understand that my artistry is not about ‘people pleasing’. This album is like a mirror. It has been such a special process where I have allowed myself to be a vessel and just let go.”

In the 10 years of making music, Nevis believes that every collaboration has been different and has taught him something.

“My collaboration with MiCasa, for example, taught me so much about music. We were never in the same studio at the same time, yet we were able to create music together.”

He believes his emergence to music came at the right time and believes it was for a bigger purpose. He also shares how his longevity displays impact in the music industry.

“I knew I was living my purpose when I would have people coming to me crying and telling me how my songs have moved them. My gift is in the lyrics.”

Nevis shares how the music industry has many challenges.

“Every year there’s a time I want to quit. It comes down to what I want to say in my songs. I took some time out to live my life. I retreated and took my time to process and have a break.I used to be always working, no breaks. I now understand the importance of taking a break and reflecting. Allow yourself to take time out. Never allow yourself to burn out.”

In celebrating 10 years in the industry, Nevis has compiled an album that promises to begin much-needed conversations. He is excited about gigs and performances that have not been done since Covid-19. Activations include an upcoming ice cream truck in December to celebrate his milestone.

Jimmy Nevis has exciting concerts, collaborations and an ice cream truck to celebrate 10 years in the music industry. Picture: SAMANTHA LEE PINTO

“I have exciting collaborations on this album. I will not name drop yet. But this album promises to be exciting.”

Ameen Harron, an award-winning producer, shared some words of love for the Cape Town artist.

“Jimmy Nevis set a new standard to pop music on the whole- to witness an artist to do it back to back, from music to music videos, to PR, sold out shows, touring- the same kid who pulled up at my studio everyday in a beat up Mazda and a bag of hits, is an actual super star”.

His sister Stacey Le Roux also sent well wishes to his superstar brother.

“I believe his resilience and determination to keep on going despite some challenges along the way are among his greatest qualities. He also doesn’t settle for good but is pedantic with his craft and always strives for international standards. He is locally renowned but operates by aligning his vision to the expectations and delivery of global music artists. That will continue to set him apart from the rest!”.

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