Marc Lottering
Marc Lottering

Local celebrities' New Year resolutions

By ASANDA SOKANYILE Time of article published Dec 29, 2018

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From naughty to nice, 2019 promises to give us lots of spice. Here local celebrities tell the Weekend Argus of their wishes for the new year.

Carl Wastie, KFM Afternoon Drive host

My New Year’s resolutions for 2019 are simple. I’d like to expand my horizons and stop saying things like “I don’t have time” when I always make time for work and others. I want 2019 to be 20-Right-Thing. Doing what’s right for me, my family and my community. I expect it to be a year of brand diversification, innovation and immense amounts of creativity coming to life.

Marc Lottering, comedian

I want to only say good things about everyone.

Nik Rabinowitz, comedian

Start using apostrophes correctly.

Clean all kitchen surfaces three times daily.

Stop being so OCD.

Spend more quality time with kids.

Have more sex with the wife.

Go on more walks with dog #shem.

Get in the ocean more frequently with a surfboard.

Don’t get eaten by a great white.

Bring joy to the world.

Crush it.

The Goliath brothers, comedians

Ask not what 2019 can do for you but what can you do for 2019. Peace out!!!

Jason Goliath: 2018 was a challenging year, to say the least. I feel like we all deserve badges or ribbons saying “I beat 2018!” My New Year’s resolution is a realistic one, it’s simply to make better choices most of the time. This is my wish for South Africa, too! No miracles, just better choices in 2019 than the ones we made in 2018. I’ll be welcoming the new year with my friends and colleagues at The Goliath Comedy Club.

Nicholas Goliath: I will be doing more exciting things for 2019, including working on a few new partnerships and focusing on the new Goliath & Goliath platform in Melville, Johannesburg, that will be opening late January. My wish for South Africa is that we start treating each other better and be happier and stress less.

Donovan Goliath: I will be welcoming the new year at home in Umtata in the Eastern Cape like I do every year. For me, I want to push myself creatively and continue to flex the boundaries of what I am capable of. For the rest of South Africa, my wishes are always to be up in this down world.

Nicole Fortuin, Generations: The Legacy actress

“Dreams I’ve had for myself (for years) came true in every sphere of my life and I really feel positive and inspired to keep dreaming on a massive scale.

Fortuin wants to “secure more international work and do things that scare” her. She also wants to serve her community more in the new year while she focuses on self-discipline, confidence and kindness.

A tip from Fortuin to help you stick to your resolutions: “Hehehe let’s just say I’ve gotten better at sticking to them. Over the years I’ve learnt that being very specific about your resolutions and putting plans in place to execute them is key. Make sure you CAN do it all and then be consistent,” she said.

Kamini Pather, former Masterchef SA winner

2019 is centred around the thoughts of the trajectory of my business and not about “the jol”. My mind is not where it usually is at this time of year (party, party). I’ve been reading up on social media strategies and marketing plans for the new year. It feels good to be this focused.

Pather has not had great success in sticking to resolutions, but definitely tries. “Even though I write them down, usually, they are often forgotten by week 2 - if I am going to be completely honest. Having resolutions written down means that I can revisit my intentions at a later stage.”

Her resolutions for this coming year are: “Less social media, become more structured with how I spend my time; who I spend my time with, and strategise to maximise my productivity and giving yourself (and other people) an A+.

Elana Bredenkamp, radio personality

Bredenkamp had a great year this year and only hopes for a better 2019 as she focuses on her several projects for the year.

“2018 was a year of growth. It was exciting for work and extremely challenging in terms of our extended family’s health. So we are looking forward to good health and loads of travels,” she said. Bredenkamp’s resolutions for 2019 include “to read more, relax more and to not sweat the small stuff”.

“I normally don’t plan by resolutions only - in December we plan the entire year. God willing, we will live and experience the amazing plans we made,” she said.

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