ADAM Woest.
ADAM Woest.

Mom of Sizzler’s victim continues after fight against parole of killer after worrying letter from DCS

By Genevieve Serra Time of article published Jul 10, 2021

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Cape Town - A letter from the Department of Correctional Services written to the mother of one of the Sizzlers Massacre victims said convicted mass murderer Adam Woest was more than likely to be granted parole if he met the requirements.

A copy of the letter was shared with Weekend Argus.

It was addressed to Marlene Visser, the mother of Warren Visser, who was 22 when he died.

Visser, together with her daughter, Leigh, who lives abroad, have been rallying via a petition, including letters to the President and Department of Justice, not to free Woest.

Now armed with the latest information, Visser is more determined than ever.

She said during the trial, doctors and experts had deemed Woest a schizoid, a person capable of violent crime who lacked remorse.

It is for this reason why Visser is so determined that Woest should not be granted parole.

An extract from the letter from DCS, dated May 31, read: “Offender Adam Woest’s profile is still with the Case Management Committee at the Central Correctional Centre, awaiting the report of the family of the one victims that must still be traced. As soon as the VOD and the profile is completed, it will be submitted to the National Council of Correctional Services (NCCS) for further processing, and if the offender is granted parole, the Department of Correctional Services will have no other alternative but to place him on parole.”

Visser wrote an additional letter to the President and Minister of Justice, Ronald Lamola, after receiving the latest news.

She wrote: “I believe that if President Ramaphosa and the Minister of Justice allow Adam Woest to serve his multiple prison sentences concurrently instead of consecutively for the murders of nine innocent victims, then they should be held responsible for every crime that Woest commits, and for every execution that he carries out once he’s released back into society. This is my opinion, and I’m sticking to it!!”

She also addressed the public via their petition on the topic of a Schizoid after carrying out her research.

Woest, along with Trevor Theys, were convicted and sentenced for nine murders and other serious charges at a gay massage parlour in Sea Point in January 2003.

Theys died in 2008 while in prison.

The two were convicted of nine counts of murder, attempted murder, robbery, and the possession of ammunition.

They had tied up ten men, brutally tortured them, shot them, and slit their throats.

The victims were Warren Visser, Aubrey Otgaar, Sergio de Castro, Stephanus Fouche, Johan Meyer, Gregory Berghau, Travis Reade, Timothy Boyd and Marius Meyer.

Otgaar had been the owner of the parlour.

The motive behind the killings is believed to be a botched robbery, but it remains a mystery.

The sole survivor, Quinton Taylor, had survived despite a bullet to the head.

Visser said she had done her research on what schizoids were capable of and took her plight to their petition. “For those who are still unsure of what Leigh’s petition is about, it’s about opposing the early parole of schizoid mass murderer, Adam Woest.

“It is written that schizoid is often associated with violent crimes – where the murderer is sadistic, has a lower fluid intelligence (inability to reason or think quickly or think abstractly, or problem solve, etc).

“Schizoids are emotionally cold, apathetic, detached, and feel no remorse for hurting and/or murdering others. Schizoids feel that it is their ’God-given duty’ to cleanse the world of that which they consider impure. Hitler is a good example of schizoid.”

This week, national Correctional Services spokesperson, Singabakho Nxumalo, told Weekend Argus it was the duty of provincial teams to respond to the media query, which had not received attention from both (nationally and provincially).

A copy of the DCS letter was shared with Nxumalo and the provincial office.

Earlier this year, Nxumalo said Woest was serving nine life sentences, and that he had been convicted and sentenced in 2004, and was eligible for parole in March 2016, but did not meet the requirements.

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