One-year-old boy’s remains not found after two years following father’s confession

Chesswell Makampies’ body has yet to be found after two years. pic Facebook.

Chesswell Makampies’ body has yet to be found after two years. pic Facebook.

Published May 27, 2023


Cape Town - It has been two years since one-year-old Chesswell Makampies vanished in Gansbaai.

His body has not been recovered despite a confession by his father.

It's alleged the toddler was beaten to death and his body buried.

The child was last seen in the Beverly Hills informal settlement after sleeping over at his father’s home.

Police confirmed a murder docket was under investigation despite not having recovered the child’s body. Police have indicated they cannot comment much on the direction of the case as it could affect the outcome.

Various locations were searched for the child but to no avail.

Chesswell Makampies’ body has yet to be found after two years. pic Facebook.

The father is facing other charges, while two other suspects who are the brothers of the toddler were released and not charged as they could not be linked to the child’s disappearance.

The father was granted bail.

Police spokesperson, Malcolm Pojie said: “The case docket is currently with the senior public prosecutor as the case is currently before court and therefore regarded as sub judice,” he said.

“The father whose name cannot be divulged, was charged with child neglect and defeating the ends of justice only, although a murder docket was opened for further investigation.

“The remains of the child are still to be found.

“Even though a confession had been made by the accused and various locations had been searched, no trace of the body could be found as yet.

“Investigation is being conducted by the Hermanus Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit, known as the FCS.”

Gansbaai Neighbourhood Watch chairperson Hugh Daniel said the case haunted them because they had worked day and night to try to find the child and were now hoping there would be closure for the family.

“We have been searching for that baby boy for more than two weeks,” he said.

“We searched in Beverly Hills and areas around there, even at Gansbaai sewerage and dumping site.

“We followed up on hints and information.

“When the father confessed, he did a pointing out but nothing came of that.

“He misled us from the start. We are all parents and we can only imagine how hard this must be for the family. It is very hurtful to think what happened.

“If his body can be found, then the family has closure and answers.”

Weekend Argus has made several attempts to contact the child’s mother, Mandy Makampies.

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