Police pause missing person case 2 years after woman, 78, disappears

Lorraine Jantjies, 78, is still missing after two years and the case file has been shelved. file image

Lorraine Jantjies, 78, is still missing after two years and the case file has been shelved. file image

Published Jun 10, 2023


TWO years after the disappearance in 2021 of Lorraine Jantjies, 78, from her home in Genadendal, police have confirmed the docket has been archived until there are fresh leads.

Missing person organisation Track n Trace said it would not give up and would conduct an extensive search to find the remains of Jantjies, which it believes are buried in the area.

Her family has been concerned about the investigation and that the case has been closed.

Police spokesperson Captain Frederick Van Wyk said: “In the absence of new developments, the docket is archived till new information arises. Then the docket will be re-allocated to detectives to pursue new information and to expand the investigation.

“We appeal to anyone with information to liaise with the local police station detectives or to call Crime Stop at 08600 10111.”

She had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Jantjies’ relative, Albert Adams said the family was disappointed in the police’s service.

“I had logged a complaint against the police in February 2023 due to the way they carried out the investigation,” said Adams.

“I was informed that the case has been closed.

“My problem is that they (police) did not do a correct and thorough investigation.”

Adams said they were also approached by a search team called Red Ants who asked him to pay R2 500 and that nothing had been done.

“I paid the money into their bank account but they promised to come back to us and stopped taking my calls.”

When Weekend Argus called the Red Ants, a man who identified himself as Peter Deysel, the husband of Florian Deysel, said they no longer did missing person cases.

He promised to have his wife call back but did not contact the newspaper.

George Williams, one of the founding members of Track n Trace Missing Persons who has been assisting Jantjies family with the case and carried out a search, said they would return to Genadendal soon to dig for her remains.

He said they had received a new lead which they could not divulge fully in the public domain.

“We cannot say much at this stage but that we will not be giving up the search. Should we find anything that is linked to a police investigation, we will hand all evidence over to them.”

He added that the loose sand in Genadendal made it difficult for forensic work to detect bones underground.

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