Raymonde Boltman’s family to hold police accountable for investigation seven years after her mysterious disappearance

Raymonde Boltman, 23, was last seen in April 2016 in Lentegeur, Mitchell’s Plain. supplied image

Raymonde Boltman, 23, was last seen in April 2016 in Lentegeur, Mitchell’s Plain. supplied image

Published Feb 4, 2023


The mother of Raymonde Boltman, the young woman who mysteriously vanished while waiting at a bus stop nearly seven years ago, said they would be holding police accountable for the empty promises they made in investigating the case as the new year begins.

This week Lillian Boltman and one of her daughters attended a meeting with the detective, whose name is known to Weekend Argus – a meeting they left feeling frustrated.

Raymonde Boltman, 23, was last seen in April 2016 in Lentegeur, Mitchells Plain. supplied image

Boltman said once again she was told the detectives had dockets and documents to get into order before they could assist the family.

On April 20, 2016, Raymonde, 23, was escorted to the bus stop at Clocktower in Mitchells Plain by her mother and was never seen again.

She worked at a plastic factory in Elsies River, but did not arrive at work.

Two years after her disappearance, police searched her estranged boyfriend’s backyard, but did not find any new information.

“For three to four years, they did nothing about the case and then Detective Ryneveldt took over and he did well in the case, but after three years he did nothing again and it was handed over to a new detective and he has also done nothing about the case,” she said.

“A week ago, I went to this same detective that has been assigned to the case and I said to him, ‘it’s a new year and what is going to happen this year on the case’ and he said he was on leave and will be back on the 26th.”

Boltman and one of her daughters visited the Mitchells Plain Police Station Detective unit on Thursday where they met the investigating officer and was once again left disappointed.

“He promised that he will be working on Raymonde’s case this year and said he will give 100 percent and we will be watching and they never contact us or come forward with information unless we approach them,” she explained.

“Now he is speaking about dockets and documents and isn’t even really speaking about the case.”

Raymonde’s sister, Rodelphia Boltman previously stated they were appealing to detectives to retrieve WhatsApp conversations which were never reviewed before.

The family indicated that the phone records would reveal how Raymonde had made a phone call to someone known to her on the morning of her disappearance and that her cellphone was later switched off.

This person known to Raymonde may not be identified due to investigation purposes.

The family also previously approached police about CCTV footage on the day she vanished but was told it was of a bad quality as it was blurry.

They said they were never shown the footage.

A source close to the investigation told Weekend Argus that the docket had indeed been handed over to another detective.

Elaine Sauls of Track n Trace missing persons unit also confirmed they were looking at various images of Raymonde where was not smiling or not wearing head gear to use for the missing person’s flyers as people age over the years.

Weekend Argus has since approached police for comment and have yet to receive a response.

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