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Saturday, July 2, 2022

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See what made the 2021 meme calendar

Memes that made its rounds on the internet to celebrate, mock, or satirize viral moments during the pandemic. MURPHY NGANGA

Memes that made its rounds on the internet to celebrate, mock, or satirize viral moments during the pandemic. MURPHY NGANGA

Published Jan 1, 2022


Cape Town - While waves of social unrest swept over the nation in 2021, several memes made their rounds on the internet as a form of “freedom of expression” to celebrate, mock, or satirise viral moments during the pandemic.

Even though some of these viral moments came at a cost, one could not help but re-tweet, relate or just have a good LOL during the year.

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As South Africans came out of the 2020 festive season, they hoped the new year would bring about eased lockdown restrictions. However, the rise in Covid-19 cases proved otherwise, and the country was placed on an adjusted level three from December 29, 2020, until January 15, 2021.

Following the announcement, tweeps were not having it as they turned the president into an UNO player by placing him with the Wild Draw Four card for tarnishing the nation's hope of breaking free from the shackles of the pandemic.

Soon after, the month of love saw a wealthy businessman's love for his girlfriend come crumbling down when he ordered the house he built for his now ex-girlfriend be destroyed.

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Clips of the home being brought down by an excavator were shared by Twitter user @THAB4NG, who claimed that the businessman was upset with his ex-girlfriend for breaking up with him. However, later in March, no wall was high enough to separate an inmate and female warden, who were seen secretly sharing intimate moments in a prison office.

The video was taken at Ncome Correctional Centre in KwaZulu-Natal and it showed the inmate copping off with a female warden and as the video spread like wildfire on social media, Twitter users such as @velocitz asked: Why did they lock the door when we're actually seeing them here?

Following the outcome of the Budget Speech on Fuel and Road Accident Fund (RAF) levies on both petrol and diesel increase, South Africans motorists found pleasure in economising with the Bajaj Qute that made its round on social media in April.

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Memes of the quadricycle spread, and many jokingly saw the vehicle as a great way to save and gear a business idea forward.

Twitter user @enzoNgwaqa said: Four seat scooter, great for business in and around the city/town. Max load of three passengers, a little luggage space, and a roof rack. With a max speed of 70Km/h. Great economical vehicle for a taxi or city tours services.

Just when things could get any better, South Africa got its version of the iconic action figure, Spiderman. The action figure was seen dancing to MFR Souls’ hit song Amanikiniki, giving the South African spice it needed to give.

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Soon after that, as social unrest swept over the nation, the infamous blue couch rose to fame and was not left behind on the trending list.

The San Pablo Leather Corner Sofa was looted in the KZN unrest, and soon after that, photos of the expensive couch went viral on social media with two people relaxing on it, leaving Twitter user @RoryPetzer to say: Sofa so good.

While the cake-eating man during the looting was also a moment, another meme that made its rounds were of the killer cop, Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu.

Despite her being sentenced for the strings of murders, defeating the ends of justice, and four fraud counts, Ndlovu’s facial expression of guilt during her trials was one too many for the books.

To round off the South African memes of the year, hip hop artist Cassper Nyovest and YouTube much-anticipated Slik Talk's boxing match gained traction after the YouTube sensation succumbed to Nyovest’s punches despite the slick talk.

While the boxing match came from a back and forth trolling, Slik humbly took the L and Twitter user @lynne_cpt021 said: Slik Talk punches like his voice #FameVsClout.

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