Businesses are at their wits end with crime on Voortrekker Road.Picture: Bongani Shilubane
Businesses are at their wits end with crime on Voortrekker Road.Picture: Bongani Shilubane

Voortrekker Road a breeding ground for crime, says CPF

By Shanice Naidoo Time of article published Sep 18, 2021

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Cape Town - Businesses on Voortrekker Road are at their wit’s end with criminals operating unchecked in the area.

A towing business owner in the area, Daniel John Dekker, said he sees crime happening all along the road every day.

“There are guys sitting on the corner of the road, dealing drugs. We see them all the time. There is a lot of smash-and-grabs, especially around Sanlam Centre. I have had some of my towing vehicles robbed as well. They break the window and take everything,” said Dekker.

Goodwood CPF chairperson John Ross said Voortrekker Road would remain a problem while illegal rent-by-the-hour accommodation businesses are allowed to operate.

“Prostitution is rife, and the criminals hide among the homeless. Drug sales take place on every second corner. The problem is compounded by the number of nightclubs, which will make the problem more serious when they are allowed to operate again.”

A business owner who asked not to be named is looking at closing shop.

“I am fed up and tired of the crime in the area; the last option, and the only option is to close our business. It’s sad, but what else can we do? I have been there for almost 12 years. We know almost everyone in Parow, and we see many things happening every day. Every day, there are five or more robberies, and it's so scary because they don't run away after robbing people - they walk away. They are a group of 15-plus.”

The shop owner said they were afraid to do or say anything as they could be targets if they did.

“We have been phoning the police up to six times a day. The crime has been so bad that we are thinking to close down our shop. People are too scared to come to Parow. We know all their faces and how they look, but we can't do anything, and now because of them, we are suffering from minimal income, and some days, no income,” said the shop owner.

Parow’s CPF chairperson Deon Maneveld said other hotspots were the post office and the section leading to Parow train station. “This creates a breeding ground for criminals. Pubs and student accommodation add to the challenge,” said Maneveld.

Business owner Terence Jordaan said the situation was extremely bad.

“It is the norm for people to get robbed on Voortrekker Road. You cannot stand on the pavement with a phone on you and not get robbed. It would be abnormal if you don’t get robbed. It is affecting our businesses terribly,” said Jordaan.

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