KANYA Malgas graduated for the third time. Her journey was not easy having failed her matric four times. SUPPLIED
KANYA Malgas graduated for the third time. Her journey was not easy having failed her matric four times. SUPPLIED

Woman who failed matric four times, graduates for the third time in a row

By Velani Ludidi Time of article published Jul 10, 2021

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Cape Town - The taste of success is sweet for Kanya Malgas. The 27-year-old repeated matric four times but is now the proud holder of three tertiary qualifications.

The 27-year-old from Cape Town graduated for the third time last week at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Malgas’s journey with education was not always smooth and she never thought she would see the doors of university.

However, she went on to graduate in record time with her diploma. She followed with a Bachelor of Technology in Sports Management and again with an Advanced Diploma in Project Management.

“I first failed my matric in 2012, I tried again in 2013 and failed again. I went to a college in Bellville the following year, I passed but when I went to the department of education, I was told the college is not registered and not recognised by the department.”

Defeated and ready to quit, her family begged her to try for one last time and this time her fortune changed.

“I had lost confidence in myself, my mother is a qualified teacher and here I am failing. It did not make sense but my family gave me all the support I needed. I still felt like a failure.”

She applied for the matric second chance programme offered by the department of education. The programme gives people an opportunity to better their matric results and future. Indeed, she bettered her results and qualified for university.

“I was relieved when I saw my results, I went to varsity knowing how hard I worked to be there. I needed not to make the same mistakes I did during my failed matric years. I completed my first year without failing a single module.”

“If you are not sure of God’s existence in your life, ask me I am a living testimony. His grace and my family support carried me through. I still cannot believe that I have graduated three times after what I have been through.”

Her older sister, Nodumo, said it was a difficult journey but it was worth it.

“As a family, we were disappointed, angry and confused when she kept on failing matric. We thought about reasons that could have led to her failure but we did not stop supporting her. I made sure she has everything she needs, took her under my wing and coached her.”

“When we all look back at the times when she would complain that her mates are far in life, others are driving cars. We look back and smile because her journey taught us that our journeys are not the same.”

Malgas recently received her driving licence and is looking for employment.

“I have applied for my Master’s just in case I do not get employment because I do not want to sit at home. Families must support each other and people should not give up in life. Put in the work and results will come. Maybe not this year, next year or the year after but they will come and you will rejoice in the end because God’s plan is to make us prosper.”

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