A handful of Zimbabweans have gathered at the Grand Parade in Cape Town in solidarity with their countrymen in Zimbabwe marching for removal of President Robert Mugabe.

Cape Town - Scores of Zimbabweans have gathered in Cape Town in a solidarity march with their fellow countrymen calling for President Robert Mugabe to step down.

This, as numerous other similar marches are taking place across the country today - where hundreds of Zimbabweans living in South Africa have gathered to support efforts to remove the 93-year-old from power - following a takeover by the military earlier this week.

Over 100 Zimbabweans gathered in Cape Town this morning. They say the march today is to support the military action.

The group has called on SADC, the AU and President Jacob Zuma to not interfere in their country's affairs and let #Zimbabwe sort out it's own issues. #ZimbabweCTMarch @IOL @WeekendArgus pic.twitter.com/IEfS7Bjcva

— Tshego Lepule (@tshegofatsang) November 18, 2017

For Bathromeu Mavhura, a Political Sciences student at UCT who has been in the country for eight years, this week has been the proudest he has been as a Zimbabwean.

“What we want as Zimbabweans is for Mugabe to go, what he has done for the past 37 years has been to fail citizens,” he said.

“We also don’t want us for SADC to intervene because they have also failed Zimbabweans.  What we want is a peaceful resolution to this situation. We want to be left as Zimbabweans to resolve this situation on our own, we don’t want the intervention of SADC. Every Zimbabwe that is living outside of their country of birth is very happy with what us going on back home.”

As the hundreds of protesters make their way to the Zimbabwean Consulate in Fawley Street, motorists passing by are expressing their support for the marches.

The group is making their way to the Embassy in Cape Town where they hope to make their voices heard. #Zimbabwe @WeekendArgus @IOL pic.twitter.com/UaH0oTmouf

— Tshego Lepule (@tshegofatsang) November 18, 2017
The phrase #MugabeMustFall has caught on among the group who are chanting and calling for Mugabe to relinquish power today.

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