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DURBAN - People that are planning to retire have many options to choose from and a Mature Lifestyle Village could be one of them.

Retirement villages or Mature Lifestyle Villages are becoming very popular in South Africa and are preferred because they offer a variety of services.

Here are five reasons to move to a mature lifestyle village according to  Phil Barker, the Managing Director of Renishaw Property Developments:

1. Cost savings

Moving a mature lifestyle village lets the person that is retiring to buy into the associated benefits of that lifestyle which includes saving money. Facilities like sports, community centres and recreational centres are in the mature lifestyle package while residents get reduced rates restaurants and cafes within the estate. The village offers transport facilities within the estate and sometimes to shopping centres and the airport too. 

2. Low maintenance

Living in a mature lifestyle village ensures that people live a hassle-free life. Daily tasks like gardening or maintenance are taken care of giving you more time to relax and youR enjoy your hobbies. Plus without the worry of chores you can pack your bags and pack your bags and hit the road. 

3. Lifestyle

Locations for mature lifestyle villages are selected for the superior climate, natural beauty and proximity to transport routes, shopping centres and leisure facilities. The villages are designed to ensure ease of access as well as a healthy lifestyle. Some of the facilities that are available at the villages include beaches, tennis courts, forests and swimming pools. 

4. Healthcare

Mature lifestyle villages offer healthcare solutions to make sure that maintain your best health. These villages have healthcare facilities that are suited to your needs and on call assistance in case of an emergency. You don’t have travel for healthcare because healthcare will come to you. 

5. Security

Mature lifestyle villages offer state of the art security facilities 24/7 so that you can live a carefree lifestyle. Security offerings include CCTV cameras, street patrolling and controlled entrances and exits as well as biometric access control systems. 

Mature Lifestyle Villages in KwaZulu-Natal 

KwaZulu-Natal may be the perfect location for a mature lifestyle village with its warm climate and beautiful scenery. 

Take a look at some of the villages that are located in the province. 

Renishaw Hills

This retirement village’s location along the KZN South Coast offers forest and ocean views. The estate will have commercial and residential villages that are interlinked and is 40 minutes away from Durban.  The village also meets the five reasons that are mentioned above. 

Renishaw Hills Photo: Supplied

Zimbali will be home to a R3 billion retirement village that is aimed at people over the age of 55. The village will have an on site Healthcare Centre, assisted living facilities, frail care and lifestyle facilities for sports, biking and golf. 

Zimbali Photo: Supplied

Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village

The retirement village that is located within the Kindlewood Estate and adjacent to the Mount Edgecombe Country Club. Some of the facilities that will be available to the retirees include a tennis court, spa, community centre and restaurant/coffee shop. There are also medical facilities that are a few minutes away including the Netcare Umhlanga Hospital.

Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village Photo: Supplied

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