File image: Pear-shaped diamond. (Reuters).
File image: Pear-shaped diamond. (Reuters).

CAPE TOWN - How do the rich maintain their wealth and even accumulate more over time. 

There is a secret to remain rich. 

Take a look at how such wealthy individuals are able to monetise on a few profitable items. 

Classic cars

         Picture: 1956 Ferrari 290MM. (Wikipedia). 

The classic car sector has reportedly boosted in value over the last decade by 490%. This attributes to why it is one of the luxury investments for the rich. According to Love Money, the rich invest in cars such as the 1956 Ferrari 290MM which sold for $28 million at an auction in December. 


         File image: Wine. (Reuters). 

The value of wine increased by more than 5% in 2017 but it continues to increase and has reportedly increased by up to 241% over the last decade. 

An event that is popular for wine investors is the annual Premiere Napa Valley. This year, an investor reportedly paid $130,000 for five cases of 2014 Inebriarie In Vitae Cabernet.


Coins were reportedly the second-best performing luxury asset. 

The 1894 coin is reportedly a popular coin for wealthy investors. This coin sold for $2 million to an anonymous buyer this year. 


         File image: Art. (Reuters). 

Art is a favourite investment for the wealthy. The fact that the art sector boosted by 4% in total value in 2017 is even more reason that the rich invest in it. Also, it increased by 28% over the last five years and 226% over a decade. 


         File image: Stamps. (Reuters). 

According to Knight Frank data, the value of stamps has increased in value by 166% over the last decade. One stamp of note is the British Guiana One-Cent Magenta stamp which fetched $9.5 million at a 2014 Sotheby’s auction. 


        File image: Jewellery. (Reuters). 

Jewellery is another favourite and it has increased in value by 4% in 2017. Jewels can reportedly sell for a total of $21 million. 

Coloured diamonds

         File image: Coloured diamond. (Reuters). 

Coloured diamonds serve as a separate luxury investment to jewellery. Coloured diamonds increased by 38% in value over the last 5 years. One whopping sale reportedly involved a 12.03-carat blue diamond that sold for $48.4 million. 


         File image: Watches. (Reuters). 

Watches have also seen a steady increase in value of 5% in the last year and 67%over the last decade. 

A 1927 Patek Philippe reportedly sold for 4.6 million Swiss francs at an auction in 2017. 

Chinese ceramics

         File image: Chinese ceramic. (Reuters). 

Chinese ceramics is another hit with wealthy investors. It increased by 50% in value over the last decade. 

Chinese ceramics are popular as the Chinese are reportedly buying back their heritage. A Chinese ceramic is expected to sell anywhere between $300 000 and $800 000. 


         File image: Furniture. (Reuters). 

Furniture is also seen as a luxury investment. Although furniture tends to be unstable in terms of value, a Lockheed Lounge by Marc Newson sold for £$2.4 million at a Phillips auction in 2017.