Professor Michael Katz, Judge Robert Nugent, Vuyo Kahla and Advocate Mabongi Masilo at the SARS Commission of inquiry. Picture: Oupa Mokoena/African News Agency (ANA)

JOHANNESBURG – The Nugent Commission of Inquiry heard on Tuesday that Gartner, which was awarded a R200m contract to design an IT structure for the SA Revenue Service (Sars), also drew up the terms of reference for its work. 

Gartner's senior managing partner, Neville Willemse said that along with businessman Patrick Monyeki, he drafted the scope of work for the multiphased contract. 

Monyeki is not a Sars employee, but a friend of suspended commissioner Tom Moyane.

Willemse was pressed on if it was common nature for companies to define the scope of work done for clients. 

Willemse answered: “Quite often we do get involved in building the scope of what they are looking for… if they don’t understand the scope of what is possible.”

Judge Robert Nugent then asked Willemse to explain why Gartner chose to work with Monyeki, who was not a Sars employee.

It is believed that Monyeki managed to obtain 40% of the Gartner contract.