Chairperson of the inquiry, former president of the Supreme Court of Appeal, Justice Lex Mpati,
JOHANNESBURG - The commission of inquiry into the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) heard testimony from Frans Lekubo, the director at Naledi Forensic Investigators earlier today. 

Lekubo has told the commission that he was directed by the former PIC CEO, Dan Matjila to investigate PIC executives. He was required to find out who had sent out emails regarding Matjila and his alleged lover.

Lekubo was asked to find out how confidential information was leaked. In particular, the loan that was given to Matjila's alleged lover. 

Lekubo told that commission that Matjila was not aware of the case which was opened against him in 2016. The case in question involved Matjila's funding of a business owned by a woman he was romantically linked to. 

According to Lekubo an email sent by “James Nogu” had informed the board that Dan Matjila was using PIC money to fund his alleged lover. It should be noted that Naledi Forensic Investigators still cannot find who that whistleblower is. 

Evidence Leader Jannie Lubbe asked Lekubo if an email sent by James Nogu was done by someone internally or by an outsider. Lekubo said the email was sent to the board so this was essentially done internally. 

“I don’t think James Nogu was a real whistleblower,” said Lekubo.