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I would like to bring your attention to the very unprofessional conduct of the fibre installation company Vumatel and recommend you warn consumers against allowing them into their complexes or homes.

Our complex in Boskruin agreed to allow Vumatel in to connect our units to fibre. They started their work and in the beginning everyone was very accommodating, but, as the weeks went on, the poor workmanship and incompetence became apparent.

They came back to dig up the same driveway five times with no warning whatsoever. You would try to get out of your garage at 7am in the morning and they had already dug up the driveway behind you with no warning whatsoever and no request to move cars beforehand.

Due to this, and after a 10-point turn to try and get out of my driveway so I could go to work, I hit the wall in front of me and damaged my bumper and left-hand front light. Both Vumatel and their insurance company have refused to pay for this.

My 77-year-old mother then tried to get out one morning and they had again dug up the driveway. They told her to wait a few minutes while they filled the hole and then told her she could reverse.

The back tyres of her small car fell into the hole and it took six men to lift her car out of it. This is traumatic for a 77-year-old. Our neighbour then returned home a few hours later and there were no barriers up and his car fell in the same hole and had to be towed away.

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They take no responsibility whatsoever for the chaos and damage they cause and claim they are not negligent.

How can they not be negligent when they do not give warning that they are back again to dig up your driveway, that they do not put barriers up, that they block access to people trying to get to work and they have to dig up the same spot five times?

I feel consumers need to be warned about their incompetence and the cost to them when this company does installations. Your feedback would be appreciated as to how they get away with not paying for the damage to my vehicle.

Sue Jarvis

Georgie: I hadn’t received a response from Vumatel by my deadline.