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Johannesburg – Zambian farmers have been called on to invest in technology and infrastructure to boost output. ZAMBEEF Products called on all stakeholders to invest in technology and infrastructure to encourage the growth of local industries, with joint chief executive officer, Francis Grogan, saying there was a need for farmers to view agriculture as a channel that would help boost economic development, especially in the manufacturing sector. 

Zambeef has been working with various stakeholders such as government ministries, non-governmental organisations and farmers across the country to enhance the efficiency and output in the value chains that feed into its operations, the Zambia Daily Mail reported on Monday. 

Grogan said formulating deliberate policies that drove fiscal growth was key in the establishment of new industries, and job creation, as well as generation of the much-needed revenue in tax and foreign exchange earnings from exports and ensuring food security "While we are aware that market demand drives productivity, Zambeef is sensitive to the fact that other vital factors such as road infrastructure, storage and inputs among other things require equal consideration," said Grogan.

"Only when the production stage works to mirror the market demand and vice versa will our farmers have the opportunity to really develop and increase their capacity," he said. Zambeef exports to Angola, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Malawi, Kenya and Mozambique, creating a market in the region for Zambian agricultural goods. 

- African News Agency (ANA)