Ms Lindiwe Maseko (Chairperson)
JOHANNESBURG – The Portfolio Committee on Science and Technology on Wednesday received presentations from Academy of Science of South Africa and Council for Scientific and Industrial Research on the technical readiness to support the shale gas development.
Spkesperson Lindiwe Maseko said the presentation focussed on the need to know what is there in the central geographical Karoo which would remain undiscovered until drilling occurs.

“This is an exercise which may require joint ventures between government and the private sector to foot the bill for research and development so that we will then know definitely what is contained in the Karoo.”
“Whilst cognisance is taken of activism in the industry wanting to ensure that there is no infringement of rights to local people and the environment in terms of the usage of water and contamination to the environment amongst others the Committee will monitor the environmental impact analyses closely as part of its oversight mandate,”said Maseko.

The Committee is pleased with the collaborative approach taken to involve the relevant government departments, entities, civil society, academia and industry stakeholders. The Committee encourages all role payers to work towards the development of the Science Action Plan for shale gas exploration and development and to continue with the extensive consultations with all role players.