Enterprise Mauritius division manager Geerish Bucktowonsing speaks at an event. PHOTO: Supplied
Cape Town - There are two things African countries can learn from Enterprise Mauritius' success in exporting its textile sector to a global market. According to Enterprise Mauritius division manager, Geerish Bucktowonsing, these were "sticking to your clients as much as possible" and "innovation".

Bucktowonsing spoke to the African News Agency (ANA) during the Source Africa 2017 Textile, Apparel and Footwear Event at the Cape Town International Convention Centre this week. Bucktowonsing said that along with these two key principles, successful partnerships had helped Enterpise Mauritius to grow its exports from US$102 million in 2010 to US$200 million in 2015.

This export market, he said, was still growing, thanks to the organisation's meticulous attention to ensuring clients received good treatment and a focus on innovation and good values. Innovation, he added, was crucial to keeping ahead of trends in any industry, and remaining relevant.

He said Mauritius was part of the African continent and even though it was one of the smallest countries, it was passionate about promoting its products to the world, showing what Africa could do and was capable of achieving. Enterprise Mauritius forms the biggest contingent of exhibitors at the Source Africa trade show each year, with 25 exhibitors showcasing Mauritius products.

"Our vision for Source Africa is to see it grow bigger and see more African countries participate in this trade show," Bucktowonsing added. The four major markets Enterprise Mauritius exports to are the United Kingdom, United States, South Africa and France.