Glen Raman with his son Blaine, who walked free from the Durban Magistrate's Court in May 2015. He was seen with his sister Nicole, attorney Anand Nepaul. Picture: IOL
Durban - KwaZulu Natal's attorney Anand Nepaul, who represented Blaine Raman who was acquitted of murder charges in the Durban High Court on Tuesday, said his client would have to put the pieces of his life together. 

"For four years his life has been put on hold... and now he has to try and get on with his life. It is going to be a change."

Raman, was charged with the November 2014 murder of Overport student Kurtlee Pillay. 

Pillay was stabbed more than 40 times, assaulted, run over and dragged by his own vehicle in the Sherwood area. It was alleged that he was lured by the accused on the pretext that they were having car trouble. 
In May 2015, charges against him were provisionally withdrawn. 

But in April 2016, Raman handed himself over to police after "new evidence" had emerged. 

Raman was served indictments and was out on bail until his subsequent trial and judgment on Tuesday. 

His co -accused Bilal Tayob, 23, was sentenced to 10 years which was wholly suspended for five years, while Bilal Nana, also 23, was jailed for an effective 8 years. 

Speaking to IOL minutes after the trial, Nepaul said the one thing that sticks out for him was the different types of drug patterns and addictions that were a norm for these youngsters 

"In this case the message is clear don't do drugs, which can lead to these consequences in which someone lost their life. It was a sad case. 

Nepaul said in addition State witnesses didn't tell the truth, which he described as a sad situation.