Innocent Hadebe was sentenced to effective 17 years in prison for the murder of his employer Naieem Mohamed at the Durban High Court. Picture: Sne Masuku

Durban - The  28-year-old man who pleaded guilty to the murder of his boss at the Food Lovers Market in Morningside two years ago has been sentenced to an effective 17 years in prison.

On Wednesday, Durban High Court Judge Kate Pillay sentenced Innocent Hadebe to 12 years imprisonment for murder and 10 years for theft and five years for theft. The five-year term for theft will run concurrently with the sentence of murder, which means he would serve 17 years in prison.

Hadebe of Phoenix, north of Durban told the court in his guilty plea statement on Tuesday that his actions were the result of being humiliated and being called names such as "small boy" and K****r by his boss Naieem Mohamed. 

Closed Circuit Television footage was played out in court on Wednesday. It showed Hadebe stabbing Mohamed several times and them removing money from his wallet before using a knife to open the safe and stealing R45 000 from it.

Pillay said after considering the alleged humiliation that Hadebe was allegedly subjected, she understood his anger up to the point where he started helping himself to the money and Mohamed's belongings.

Hadebe had earlier argued that he was fed up of the way his boss treated him to an extent that he lowered his wages of R100 s day to R60 a day accusing him being overpaid for doing nothing.

"The following mitigating factors that you're a first offender, that you were young when your parents separated and you grew up without a father, that you earned R100 a day at the place you worked at for six years although I consider these, the court should also look at your conduct, " she said. 

Pillay said due to his conduct, "children lost a father, a wife lost a husband, and parents lost a son, that is something that can never be replaced".

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