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Durban - The 9-year-old boy shot during an apparent hit at his family’s La Mercy home at the weekend, has taken his first steps. The boy’s uncle, who asked not to be named, said his nephew was starting to walk around and was eating.

“This is a relief. I think the impact of what happened that day is only starting to affect the family now. They are going for counselling,” he said.

According to the man, from what the robbers had said, the family had reason to believe they were deliberately targeted.

“I was travelling back to Durban at the time of the robbery,” he said.

It is alleged that on Saturday afternoon, an armed gang entered the property and made its way into the house. The uncle said his family lived in their own houses but on the same property.

It is alleged the men entered the house under the pretext of wanting to know about the creche operating from their home.

Paul Herbst, a spokesperson for IPSS Medical Rescue, said the men then produced firearms and robbed the family of their personal belongings.

Herbst said as the men fled, they fired random shots towards the house.

“One of the bullets struck the child in the abdomen while he was on his grandparents’ balcony,” Herbst said.

The bullet was lodged in the boy’s abdomen and he has undergone extensive surgery since the shooting.

“He also underwent a four-hour surgery to remove the bullet as it was lodged next to his spine. A day later, he was able to sit up. He has made good progress,” Herbst said.

The boy’s uncle said the child’s older sister was standing next to him when he was shot.

“Everyone is doing well. They are obviously shaken up since the incident but they are fine,” he said.

No arrests have been made.

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