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Durban - In a bid to encourage community interaction, the eThekwini Municipality is set to host a series of community engagements across all wards. These meetings are aimed at improving relations and fast tracking service delivery.

The first set of meetings has already taken place with Councillor William Mapena, Speaker of Council as the host.

Mapena said public participation was a principle that is accepted by all spheres of government in South Africa.

“As local government we are a primary point of service delivery and this is where most residents interface with government. The community meetings help to promote and strengthen communication between the Municipality and community members,” he said.

Mapena said public participation was very important and through such engagements, councillors are able to understand the real needs of communities and are then able to respond proactively.

“Engagements with the community will help council make more appropriate decisions based on information gathered during community meetings. Through these meetings councillors are able to account to people while at the same time they are informing them about government programmes,” he said.

At these meetings, all  concerns raised, including those about housing, electricity and roads will be taken up by relevant departments so that they can be addressed.

Mapena called on residents to make use of community meetings to voice their concerns so that their issues are addressed. He also called on all community structures to work with the city.

“Government cannot address all their needs on its own. We need communities, civil society, Non-Governmental Organisations and business if we are to win the war against poverty and to improve service delivery,” he said.

For more information on community meetings, contact your ward councillor.

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