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How to avoid 'loan' scams

There is no such thing as a quick-fix to get out of debt yet many people continue to fall for scams that promise to get them out of debt easily

12 September 2017 | Daily News

Potato prices set to spike

<!--PSTYLE=hed_65H 32pt-->The price of potatoes is expected to increase in the next four weeks – and there is a chance of even more hikes in December.

19 October 2016 | Consumer

Consumers face double whammy

<!--PSTYLE=hed_ 57 Fru 40 light-->From midnight, consumers will pay more for fuel and should brace themselves for further increases including meat prices by the end of the year.

4 October 2016 | Consumer

Mind your step when hiring a builder

Building a new home might be stressful, but renovations can turn out to be a lot worse – especially if you're still occupying the premises and having to navigate around the dust, rubble and security issues.

19 September 2016 | Consumer

Still super mistaken about refunds

<!--PSTYLE=hed bld 60 Times-->Five years into the Consumer Protection Act, retailers have had ample time to become compliant with its provisions. Why then are so many not complying with the act?

12 September 2016 | Consumer