Durban - A Durban doctor who is accused of sexually assaulting his patient pleaded not guilty before the Health Professional Council on Thursday. 

Dr S Jekmohan a general practitioner practising on the KZN North Coast is accused of conducting an inappropriate examination of his 32-year-old patient. 

The woman cannot be named because the matter is of a sexual nature. 

She alleges that she went to the doctor for treatment for a sore throat and he inappropriately touched her breasts. 

The woman said she did not have another choice but to complain to the HPCSA. 

However, the doctor in a preliminary statement handed in said that he touched her breasts to check if she was pregnant. 

The doctor who is representing himself was cautioned about the serious repercussions of not having a legal representative and the seriousness of the matter. 

The doctor said he was going to legally represent himself. 

He asked that the inquiry allow him to go back to work because he does not get paid if he doesn't work, however, the inquiry rejected his request saying it cost a lot of money to hold these inquiry's. 

Daily News