Durban - Convicted killer Logandheran “Yegen” Naidoo lost his appeal to prove he was framed for the murder of a 9-year-old girl and grandmother.

Last year Naidoo was convicted and sentenced to two life sentences for the murder of Yetska Pillay and her grandmother, Patricia Pillay, in December 2006.

Yetska had been spending the Christmas holidays with her father, Kevin Pillay, at his home in Valencia, Nelspruit, when a grenade was thrown into the room where she had been sleeping with her grandmother.

Judge Ronel Tolmay, presiding at the Nelspruit Circuit of the Pretoria High Court, yesterday refused Naidoo’s application to lead further evidence against his conviction.

Naidoo, who is out on bail, appealed the verdict and his bail was extended.

Naidoo’s lawyer Johan Schaefer said the application for leave to appeal would be heard as soon as a court date became available.

“The judge is of the opinion that the new evidence, whether or not it is correct, should not be received at this point. We have instructions to apply for leave to appeal against the finding. In the coming weeks and months, that application, together with appeal against the conviction, will be heard by her,” Schaefer said.

Kevin Pillay said the court’s decision was a good sign.

“These proceedings only open old wounds for us as a family. We are looking for closure. All we want is for the law to take its course and for us to get on with our lives,” he said.

Daily News