Picture : IPSS Medical Rescue

Durban - The KwaDukuza Municipality has distanced itself from the violent and criminal protests that have erupted in the region over the past days. Since last week, residents in the area have taken to the streets to protest against power outages.

According to Sipho Mkhize, the municipality’s spokesperson, the outages are linked to the municipality’s stance to curb costs.

“We therefore wish to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience the outages have caused to all the communities, households and businesses. It is very unfortunate that these protests have caused harm to properties and individuals,” Mkhize said.

Mkhize said they want to put it on record that the municipality’s electrical engineering business unit is hard at work to fix all issues currently barring some households from accessing electricity.

“Teams have been deployed to the all the affected areas Mathenjwa, Ntshawini, Groutville, Shakaville and Thembeni, to restore power. On this note, we wish to inform the public that mobility on the N2 in KwaDukuza has been restored, however, the R102 is still barricaded,” Mkhize said.  

Engagements with the electrical engineering business unit staff on this particular issue are ongoing and are expected to be brought to finality in no less than seven working days, as engagements.

Mkhize appealed for calm in the communities and plea that those with information about persons who front as disgruntled in order to do criminal activities during protests are reported to the police timeously.

Daily News