These are some of the books our books editor received recently. They may be reviewed later


Red Rain

by RL Stine (Random House Struik, R195)

Lea is trapped on an island during a terrible hurricane and barely escapes alive.

Two orphan boys also appear out of the mayhem and are thrilled to be adopted by their new mother.

But they are no ordinary children - they bring the gift of death.

And they want to share it with the whole town.

According to Kathy Reichs “Red Rain will put goose bumps on even the toughest adult”.



by James Patterson and Marshall Karp (Random House Struik, R215)

The Hollywood on Hudson film festival has begun and all of New York City is caught up in the glitz and glamour of the occasion.

With celebrities in every corner, special task force NYPD Red is on high alert.

When a world-renowned producer collapses Detective Zach Jordan and his partner (and ex-girlfriend) Detective Kylie MacDonald are assigned the case.

But this is only the beginning: the most brutal, public and horrifying crimes are about to turn New York upside down.

Zach and Kylie have to find a way to stop a deranged killer who has scripted his finale down to the last explosive detail.


Merry Christmas Alex Cross

by James Patterson (Random House Struik, R215)

It's Christmas Eve and Detective Alex Cross is at home celebrating with is family when he receives a call that a family has been taken hostage at a nearby home - and the situation is spiralling out of control fast.

At the scene, Alex is confronted with a father who is threatening to kill his children and his ex-wife.

Then just as things reach a climax, a second situation explodes - it is a red alert situation that puts millions of people at risk.

Alex is forced to make a decision that could end as many lives as it saves - including his own.



by Tom Cain (Random House Struik, R215)

Iran's nuclear facilities are radioactive rubble.

The Euro has fallen apart.

Riots are an everyday occurrence.

A populist, far-right leader is out to topple the political establishment.

When a riot breaks out in south London, Sam Carver is caught in an urban battlefield.

As he fights to stay alive he also defends the innocent.

But when the smoke clears and a semblance of peace is restored the media blame him for the bloodshed.

The police are after him and an old enemy, bent on revenge wants him dead.

Carver is in for the fight of his life. - Meneesha Govender