Driver Louise Marriott Marriott had to keep constant tension on the tow cable to prevent the paraglider from either crashing into the road or soaring into the bridge.

Zagreb, Croatia - the latest in Volvo Trucks' outrageous series of Live Test promos, The Flying Passenger, shows an FH 540 truck towing a paraglider up a steep, winding mountain road in the Dinaric Alps - and under an overhanging bridge!

That meant driver Louise Marriott from New Zealand had to keep the speed of the 13-litre FH 540 as constant as possible, to prevent French paraglider Guillaume Galvani from either crashing into the road or soaring too high and hitting the bridge.

The idea was to highlight the precise power delivery of the updated D13 straight-six turbodiesel engines, and the ultra-smooth gearshifts provided by the 12-speed automatic I-Shift dual-clutch transmission, which enabled Marriott to keep almost constant tension on the paraglider’s tow cable throughout each run.

We just think Marriott is a superb driver and Galvani has more bravery than brains. Respect.

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