Durban - Three men - two in police uniform - robbed a tuck shop in Puntans Hill, Durban, on Tuesday.

The men entered the shop in Ram Naidoo Road and walked towards a refrigerator before heading to the payment counter, where they confronted the cashier at gunpoint.

Police spokesman, Colonel Jay Naicker, confirmed that the men were armed and wearing police uniforms.

“We cannot confirm if they are indeed policemen or people wearing uniforms that resemble police,” he said.

Shop co-owner, Jonathan May, who was not present at the time of the robbery, said his colleague, Mohammed Yusuf, 34, who had been standing at the entrance, greeted the men. They walked to the fridges.

One of them took a 500ml carton of Mnandi Amahewu uPhayinaphu (pineapple) flavour and walked towards the counter where Sharif Fidow, 26, was seated.

“They accused them of selling drugs and threatened them with arrest. They tied their hands at the back with cable ties.”

The men robbed the store attendants of R7 000, a Samsung S3 cellphone and airtime.

Daily News