‘Bull’ proves too strong

Joshua “The Bull” Chetty defended his title, after emerging victorious during Sunfest Mayhem. | Supplied

Joshua “The Bull” Chetty defended his title, after emerging victorious during Sunfest Mayhem. | Supplied

Published May 23, 2024


Durban wrestler Joshua “The Bull” Chetty defended his title following a hard-fought victory against veteran Donovan “LoudMouth” Blignaut during the Sunfest Mayhem.

The event took place at the Colosseum Reale on Saturday and involved multiple disciplines. For Chetty, it continued a good year following up his win against El Bandolero at WrestleMonster 6 last month.

He said: “I had the support of the crowd in Pretoria. The LoudMouth decided to use dirty tactics against me by attacking my right arm to weaken me, but I had managed to out-power him. I gave him a Brogue kick followed by a German suplex then finished him off with a spear.”

Chetty shared how he initially won the Arnold’s Cup, saying it was extremely difficult as he had to go through five opponents.

“This was a difficult tournament since I went through five opponents to get to the trophy, even fighting X-Terminator at the final. The X-Terminator is an international wrestling superstar who has battled WWE superstar Bobby Lashley in India and defeated former WWE superstar Jack Swagger in 2017.”

“LoudMouth is quite experienced and we even fought back in 2015 in my home town, Durban. I guess going through a knockout tournament like last year made me stronger,” Chetty said.

World Association of Wrestling South Africa world heavyweight champion Freddie ‘Mr Wrestling’ Harmse and Joshua ‘The Bull’ Chetty. | Supplied

Chetty emphasised that he was not relaxing following his victory at WrestleMonster 6 and that he was hard at work training because he respected the experience and skill set of his opponent.

He also mentioned that they were former teammates when representing South Africa during the WrestleMonster 6 clash against the UK but opponents for the Arnold’s Cup, which Chetty was defending.

Apart from wrestling, Chetty said he took a tour around the area, seeing people from all over competing in the various disciplines. He shared that he was a huge bodybuilding fan so most of the time he spent watching the event that took place.

He said: “It was an amazing experience meeting athletes from all over the country.”

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