DJ Tira with his Amadada dancers, Slenda Sthah and Ornica Dasi, who are signed to Afrotainment.

Durban - Afrotainment owner DJ Tira says he will support his rape accused dancer, who was released on R5 000 bail at the Durban Magistrate’s Court last week.

The dancer, who is not being named as he is yet to plead, is accused of raping a 13-year-old girl. The incident took place last Sunday, where the victim - a Grade 8 pupil, had asked for R8 from the dancer, Isolezwe reported.

Upon the request, the dancer allegedly asked the victim who she was home and when she said she was alone, he allegedly followed the victim home and raped her in her parents' bedroom.

Isolezwe reported that the victim did not report the incident to the family, but did tell teachers at school on Monday.  

Speaking to Isolezwe, DJ Tira said as a music stable, they did not condone abuse of women and children. However, he said they would support the dancer.

DJ Tira said his dancer had handed himself to police when he found out a case had been opened and he had been co-operating with authorities, he said.

"As long as we have known him he has been an upstanding member of the community, who works hard towards the improvement of his neighbourhood and that of his community and has done outreach projects in his community... I'm sure if one of your family was accused of something like this you would support them and wait on the evidence, police procedure and courts to determine what the truth is. We ask the public to please do the same," he said.

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