Durban - With spring season almost upon us, many people are hard at work working on those summer bodies. But according to those in the know at the Cambridge Weight Plan, spring time is actually the best time to lose weight. 

According to the group’s non executive chairperson, Renny Letswalo, while the challenges remain the same throughout the seasons, longer days and summer skies prompt changes to your brain and body that make losing weight – and keeping it off easier than usual.

“Take advantage of these seasonal changes that are working in your favour right now,” Letswalo said.

Less hunger pangs - Did you know that on average, people consume 86 extra calories per day in autumn compared to spring?  And as spring turns into summer, eating less is likely to continue. Letswalo said this is because your appetite decreases in the summer because your body is trying to keep itself cool so you automatically feel less hungry, which means you consume lesser calories.

The heat helps you burn calories - While you may think sweat is what helps you burn fat, it’s not. If you stay active and don’t scale back on intensity during workouts, then you will see the kilograms melt. This can be related back to temperature regulation. As your body works to regulate itself, it works harder when it’s hot, therefore burning more calories.

Your mood is brighter - Have you noticed how warm weather promotes a happier mood? In extreme cases the dark, gloomy days of winter can trigger a type of temporary depression called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). People with SAD may crave more carbs and end up gaining weight. On the contrary warm weather promotes better spirits, which probably means you don’t have crazy cravings for heavy, fatty foods that you usually crave in the winter.

There is Vitamin D in sunshine - There appears to be a connection between lack of vitamin D, insulin resistance and obesity. Therefore people who are obese are more likely than their thinner counterparts to have lower levels of this vitamin. Research has also shown that some people are more likely to lose weight if they take a vitamin D supplement.

It’s easier to find healthier food - Spring meals are often cold and light. We are more likely to eat and enjoy fruit salads, cold salads, watermelon and the like, says Letswalo. Therefore with so many light foods to choose from we are more likely to choose healthier options. People also want more plant-based foods and less meat.

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