Former top achiever urges matrics of 2023 to keep calm

Darshan Naidu, 19. l SUPPLIED

Darshan Naidu, 19. l SUPPLIED

Published Jan 21, 2024


Durban — A former top achiever in the class of 2022 Palmview Secondary School, in Durban, urged matriculants to keep calm even if they get unsatisfying results.

Darshan Naidu, 19 who passed grade 12 with nine distinctions, said failing to achieve what one had aimed for, does not mean it is the end of the road. Naidu said many other avenues available. Naidu, who is studying at the University of Cape Town, will begin his second year in actuarial science.

“Learners should try to keep calm and not stress too much. In whatever you get, just accept it, apply a positive mind set and see where things lead. Advisers are available to help and there are various ways of getting support; this plays a vital role for learners,” Naidu said.

Keeping positive energy and applying good work ethics can have a great impact in motivating learners achieve anything. Naidu hopes his degree will allow him to make a difference in the dwindling economic state in the country.

He said in spite of the challenges of paying his tuition fees, which cost about R200 000 a year, his main goal is to obtain the degree and enter the financial sector.

“I want to create opportunities when I enter into the work space. I believe emigrating is not an option. As the youth, we have to make it our responsibility to fix the existing problems in the country,” Naidu said.

“I had hoped to get a bursary, but (until now) I haven’t been able to get one. It’s tough but I am grateful to my father who is paying for my tuition fees,” he added.

Naidu described himself as a mathematics enthusiast and said numbers were the only thing that fascinated him. This was why he had opted to do actuarial science degree.

“I also believe it is important for students enter into a field that they are passionate about, because there is nothing as fulfilling as doing what you love,” he concluded.

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