German medical student Christian Fastabend had some of his belongings returned to him after his bag was stolen while he was playing golf.

Durban - A German medical student training in Durban was elated when his credit and identification cards were returned to him less than 48 hours after they were stolen.

While his bag and wallet which contained e200 (R2 940) had vanished, Christian Fastabend, 26, said on Wednesday he was pleasantly surprised by the assistance he received in trying to find his stolen items.

He was playing golf with friends at a club on the Bluff on Sunday when his bag went missing.

“I have never seen such helpful people before like I did in Durban. Even in my own country people would not have helped,” he said.

The trainee surgeon arrived in KwaZulu-Natal two months ago and had decided to try his hand at golf.

“I was at the second hole. I left my bag down on the ground so I could putt.

“There was a ball collector, a man in his 50s, near me. As I walked off to the next hole I looked back and the bag was gone,” he said.

“My friends and I looked everywhere for it.”

The bag contained his German identity card, three credit cards, driving licence, a health insurance card and medical student card, as well as E200.

“I befriended another ball collector and offered him a reward if he could find my bag. I left my contact details with him,” he said.

After two sleepless nights, he received a call on Tuesday from the ball collector.

“He found my cards in the bushes near a stream.

“He did not find my wallet and bag, though,” Fastabend said.

He gave the man a R200 reward.


The final-year medical student at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany, returns home next Thursday.

“We were warned to look after our belongings when we arrived and I think the incident happened due to my neglect,” he said.

“I am leaving with warm feelings hoping to return in the near future.”

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