King Misuzulu and spokesperson Prince Africa face off following his expulsion

In happier times: King Misuzulu (right) discussing a point with his spokesperson Prince Africa Zulu. Photo: Supplied

In happier times: King Misuzulu (right) discussing a point with his spokesperson Prince Africa Zulu. Photo: Supplied

Published Feb 14, 2024


Durban — The expelled spokesperson of King Misuzulu, Prince Africa Zulu, has vowed to spill the beans on why he was fired and name and shame those behind the plot.

The prince’s expulsion letter came through the office of the newly-appointed Zulu traditional prime minister, Thulasizwe Buthelezi, this week.

In the letter, seen by the Daily News, the king has removed the prince from all positions, including that of the Royal Agent, thereby placing all communications matters under the control of the prime minister.

The prince’s dismissal appeared to be an affirmation of the announcement by the prime minister last week, who said any communication on behalf of the king would have to be accompanied by a covering letter from his office.

This was construed as the end of Prince Africa’s tenure as the spokesperson as they had never seen eye to eye with Buthelezi before his appointment.

In his previous response to the prime minister’s announcement of “taking over his job”, Africa said his office will never be under the prime minister, as they were both appointed by the king and directly reported to him.

Reacting to the dismissal, Prince Africa said he was disappointed but not surprised as he knew some people never tired of trying to convince the king to fire him from the position since they regarded him as a stumbling block in their intention to capture the crown.

The prince said he was organising a tell-all media briefing, and vowed to spill the beans and name the people who were behind his expulsion. He also said he will tell the Zulu nation all the implications of the king’s decision.

“I’m busy organising a media briefing where I will state my side of the story. I am not surprised but disappointed that when the king gave me this responsibility he communicated directly with me as it was not a paid position, but when he decided to take it away, he felt he should send other people. I’m arranging a venue for the media briefing to tell the Zulu nation the naked truth about my dismissal,” said the prince.

He was reappointed to this position in March last year by the king after he had fired him in 2022 following his public spat with the late Zulu prime minister Inkosi Mangosuthu Buthelezi. His appointment was questioned by those loyal to the late Buthelezi.

The prime minister said: “His Majesty wishes to streamline communication emanating from the king’s office and has centralised all communication, branding, and media relations in the office of the prime minister. His Majesty wishes to thank Prince Africa for his services to the royal family.”

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