King Misuzulu cautions royal family members and amakhosi who continue to defy his authority

King Misuzulu in feathered headgear. The king has cautioned those who undermine his authority. Picture: Bongani Mbatha African News Agency (ANA)

King Misuzulu in feathered headgear. The king has cautioned those who undermine his authority. Picture: Bongani Mbatha African News Agency (ANA)

Published Jul 24, 2023


Durban — King Misuzulu has cautioned the Zulu royal family members and amakhosi who continue to undermine his authority by organising meetings to discuss matters under his authority without his permission.

The king was referring to the meeting that was organised to take place on Monday to discuss matters of the Zulu kingdom including the Ingonyama Trust Board. The meeting, which was organised by the king’s former spokesperson Prince Thulani Zulu, was scheduled to be held at the Ulundi Holiday Inn north of KwaZulu-Natal.

In a statement issued by the king’s office through the office of the spokesperson, His Royal Highness Prince Africa, the monarch distanced himself from the meeting, describing it as rebellion. The prince said the monarch takes note of the continuous attempts at interfering in the affairs of the Zulu Royal House and urges all members of the royal family to take note that this meeting was not sanctioned by the king. He added that the decision of certain royal family members and those of certain political parties to participate in this meeting is in direct contravention of the king’s advice and signals a rebellion against the commands of the king.

From left: His Royal Highnesses Prince Gibizizwe of Osuthu, Prince Africa of Onkweni and Prince Muziwethu of Osuthu are among the princes who are firmly in the king’s corner as he tries to assert his authority. Picture: Supplied

“We are concerned about reports that one of the former officials of the King’s office has been observed to be hosting social gatherings that claim the existence of a phantom King. Since these individuals have decided to continue in these activities, the King wishes to inform the nation that Royal Disciplinary proceedings will be instituted through the Prince Gibson Royal Court Panel of Inquiry. We caution all citizens of His Majesty’s realm not to associate themselves with this anarchy but to remain cautious and vigilant against this political ploy to discredit His Majesty’s reign. We will continue assessing the situation and keep the nation informed about the details of these proceedings. Again, we wish to stress that the Zulu Monarchy is above party politics,” read the statement.

Prince Thulani confirmed that the meeting would take place and said as old people they do not need permission from anybody to hold their own meetings. He said the committee of princes, princesses and amakhosi was formed after the meeting of amakhosi that was addressed by the king’s prime minister Inkosi Mangosuthu Buthelezi in Empangeni recently, adding that the committee would discuss matters in relation to Ingonyama Trust Board.

The king further expressed his concerns about the continuous load-shedding events that continue to burden his people and compromise the economic prospects of the country, saying load shedding does not only affect domestic arrangements within households, but also presents a serious threat to the economic growth of the society.

The monarch also extended sympathies to those family members who were affected by the recent explosion in Gauteng, calling for a more robust approach in managing the affairs across all sectors of our society.

“This collaborative leadership approach should be used to find lasting solutions to the various sectoral challenges from infrastructure sabotage, high levels of economic desperation and general state of despair. We continue to pray in the name of Jesus Christ who died for our sins and the sins of those who find themselves on the other side of the river. His Majesty notes with great appreciation the commitments of all the citizens who have thrown all their weight at building a united and prosperous nation within our Kingdom,” concluded the statement.

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