King Misuzulu distances himself from Professor Musa Xulu

The king and Prince Alfred stand side by side in casual dress, looking directly into the camera.

King Misuzulu and Prince Africa (right). Picture: Supplied.

Published Jul 4, 2023


Durban — King Misuzulu has distanced himself from all activities that involve cultural expert Professor Musa Xulu, including the business investment conference he was said to be organising.

Speaking in a recorded video clip while in eSwatini on Monday, King Misuzulu said he has heard what Xulu was saying on social media, and that he was organising an event using his name. The king said he wanted an investigation into all alleged to have been done by Xulu.

The king said many people had come out and said Xulu was saying a lot of things on social media claiming to have been mandated by him, and warned them that he does not even know Xulu, and wondered why Xulu would be organising things on his behalf.

“People must be careful out there. I think we need to do an investigation into this. I have not mandated Xulu to do anything on my behalf and he must produce a letter I have given him as a proof to do what he was doing,” said the king.

The king’s spokesperson, Prince Africa, who was with the king during the recording, said it has come to the king’s attention that Xulu was busy organising an investment conference and he warned those people who had given Xulu money to demand their money back because the king did not know about it.

When contacted, Xulu, who is also a founder of Indonsa Yesizwe (a socio-cultural movement) said he did not want to engage in a public spat with the king, therefore he would not want to comment on what the king said in the video, except to say he organised the same conference last year with the king’s blessing.

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