President Cyril Ramaphosa addresses the #ANC107 Birthday Celebrations rally at Ohlange Institute in Inanda, eThekwini in KZN Picture: ANC Twitter

Durban - Thousands of people have arrived at the Ohlange Institute in Inanda in KwaZulu-Natal in the hopes of catching a glimpse of President Cyril Ramaphosa. 

It was feared that the crowd's pushing to lead to a stampede. However, after some time, the crowd was told to be calm and patient and eventually settled down. 

At the rally, Ramaphosa is due to address residents on voter registration and service delivery. 

Earlier in the day, Ramaphosa was accompanied by former president, Jacob Zuma, where they laid a wreath in honour of the first president of the ANC, John Langalibalele Dube. 

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