MALVERN Child and Youth Care Centre director Andile Ncamana is a worried man, as he compares the cash he has on hand versus municipal and other bills, totalling millions of rand, which compromise the facility’s future. NQOBILE MBONAMBI African News Agency (ANA)
Durban -With the Malvern Children’s Home facing ruin because of debts of more than R2million, The Daily News is coming to the facility’s aid by launching the “Save Malvern Child and Youth Care Centre” campaign.

The home owes eThekwini Municipality and a private catering company more than R1m each.

The home houses 85 abandoned, orphaned and abused children, and would have to close its doors unless the debts are paid. The children would have to be absorbed into other homes or sent back to homes where they may have suffered abuse.

The Daily News plans to use a crowdfunding platform to raise money for the home to pay its debt.

On Thursday, the Daily News reported that the home was in dire financial straits and would struggle to pay this month’s municipal bills. eThekwini Municipality had asked for half the debt to be paid before it would begin negotiations for the balance.

The new director of the home, Andile Ncamana, appealed to anyone who could help. He said the money did not have to reach their hands and could be paid directly to the municipality and the catering company.

Yesterday, Ncamana rushed to buy a copy of the Daily News to read the article, and was excited that the newspaper wanted to help them.

“First of all, you exposed our situation to the world, and then you’re also willing to help towards paying this bill of ours. I am beyond grateful.”

He said there were many people who were willing to help the home and who had asked for its bank and municipal account numbers.

Ncamana said he also heard that some people had started collecting food for them. This would be delivered to the home once they had collected a certain amount.

He said some people had also offered their services for free, in assisting them with future fund-raising efforts.

The Daily News will help Ncamana set up an appeal for help on crowdfunding platform BackaBuddy, where readers can donate. We will keep readers updated on the status of the fundraising daily, in print and on our online platforms.

Also watch out for our campaign video and features on “hero sponsors”.

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