Drinking at the beachfront will get you fined

By Se-Anne Rall Time of article published Dec 7, 2018

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Durban - “If you are caught drinking in public, you will be fined or detained.” This is the warning from Metro Police to those contemplating get lit at any of Durban’s beaches this festive season.

Metro Police Commissioner Steve Middleton, this week, warned residents that Metro Police will continue their awareness programmes along Durban beaches and will not hesitate to issue fines or detain those who cannot produce their identification.

A Facebook post, showing people being fined, has gone viral with many people questioning the motives of police and the authenticity of the fines.

Middleton people need to educate themselves about the city’s bylaws.

“We are finding that there is a lack of education out there. Drinking alcohol in public is against the law. Over the festive season and going forward, we are going to block certain access routes along the beachfront. This is to prevent alcohol from being taken onto the beachfront,” Middleton explained.

He said members of the public need to be made aware that it is illegal to drink alcohol in a public place and the entire beachfront is a public place.

Middleton said while residents must enjoy themselves on any of the city’s beaches, it must be done responsibly.

For the last five weeks, Metro Police have increased their visibility in well-known 'party' parking lots along the beachfront. This has helped to clamp down on the noise as well has piles of broken glass bottles, cigarette stompies and condoms often found in these areas. 

So basically, you can get turnt this festive season...just not at the beachfront.

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