Striking municipal workers blockaded and trashed the streets of Durban, demanding a grade increase from city management after allegations that the City had unilateral granted huge salary increases to about 55 recently employed uMkhonto WeSizwe Military Veterans members. PHOTO: Bongani Mbatha / Africa News Agency (ANA)

Durban - eThekwini Municipality ratepayers have lashed the municipality for not providing an interim domestic refuse removal service after workers downed tools at the Durban Solid Waste. 

Residents expressed their outrage on Facebook when the  EThekwini Municipality posted on Monday that cleansing and solid waste is currently unable to provide refuse service collection and street sweeping in and around Durban due to the on-going strike action.

The post also read
"We kindly request that you keep all refuse within properties, or to take it to your nearest landfill site: Mariannhill, Ilovu or Buffelsdraai. We will notify you when waste collection resumes. We profusely apologise for the inconvenience caused."

Within an hour outraged residents living in various parts of the city commented. 

Kesin Kaz Raman said, "The apology means nothing recall the mayor and put a team in charge who will sort out the situation."

Rhyan Rudman said, "Can I get some cash back for doing your job? your workers appropriately,have respect for them and they will always be at work!"

Dalene Steyn Mason said, "In the past the municipality would use private companies to collect. We pay enough in rates and waste collection. Use the salaries from the strikers to pay for removal."

Hans Labuschagne said, "If no service is delivered then pass a credit - in this case close to 10 days credit due. Dumpsites so full and not cleared thus cant use local dumpsite - thus no payment. Please mayor advise us before Wednesday how you are going to rectify this situation and find the resources to refund us for non service delivery or shall we form our own trust fund in each ward and pay the ward who then pay the municipality for services rendered to the ward?"

Anthony Trim said,"Got my bill on email yesterday and refuse removal is there although I have to pay for no services provided. Credit passed back to ratepayers would be appreciated but I am sure that would not be forthcoming."

Sagie Naidoo said, "Too late for us to take anywhere.Packets have been torn,rubbish everywhere. Whole neighborhood bags are in one place."

Poovendran Peters said, "Not going to pay rates now. Can fly a bin bag."

 Farnaaz Maharajh said,  "So they must adjust the bill can we pay for a service we didn't receive?"

SJ Quayrin said, "How can we pay tax for this nonsense employ the youth that are still looking for jobs due to lack of funds to study.Train them and employ them.They will appreciate better having a slice of bread than none."

Duncan Johnston said, "Took mine to the local dump on Saturday. The pile was at least 1 storey high with a small river of rubbish juice leaking out."

Ashnee Govender  said, "This issue is going to cause a health hazard. Currently we cannot even drive pass sum roads because the smell is so bad. So I really feel sorry for people living around there. Please sort this problem out as its unfair that we have to suffer."

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