People from all walks of life queue to make their mark at the Hunt Road voting station in Durban. Picture Zainul Dawood
Durban - The election process at several polling stations in Durban have been smooth sailing on Wednesday. 

At the Hunt Road Secoundary School in Glenwood, a prefab classroom was dedicated for the use of a voting station.
Most of the voters agreed that the process was quick and the queues were short. 

Some had arrived with their families,  spouses or neighbours. Staff from a shopping complex nearby also made use of the early opening to cast their vote 

Linda Weatherall Thomas said she voted in Greyville while her friend Charlene Fisher voted at Hunt Road school. 
"It was a quick process and it went well. The staff had professional attitudes. I am proud to cast my vote" Weatherall Thomas said. 

Kate Venter speaks of her voting experience at the Hunt Road Secondary School in Durban. Video by Zainul Dawood

Ian Campbell Ellies said he voted because it was important that his taxes were used in the correct manner.

Kate Venter said it was a quick process. 

Voting stations are open from 7am until 9pm to allow the 26.7 million registered voters to cast their ballots for the national and provincial elections.

There is a record number of 76 parties contesting these elections.

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