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How owners can protect their pets from dog-fight thieves

By Daily News Reporter Time of article published Mar 27, 2019

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Durban - The best way to prevent pit bulls or similar breeds being stolen is to have them sterilised. Dog fighters make most of their profits from breeding the winning fighting dogs and selling the puppies. Having your pet sterilised prevents this and makes your dog less of a target.

Where possible keep your dog out of sight of the road and in a secure yard. If people don’t know they are there, they are less at risk of theft. Remember pit bulls can jump very high and can escape gardens with low walls.

Allow your dog to sleep inside at night. Most thefts happen at night, when there is little risk of a person being in the garden. Keeping your dogs inside at night makes it harder for people to steal them. It also serves to strengthen your bond with your dog, reducing the risk of poisoning and improving security for you.

Never leave high-risk dogs unattended in vehicles (even when well ventilated and not hot) or outside shops.

When you go on holiday, employ a housesitter who can stay at your home, or take your animals to a secure and recognised boarding kennel.

Make sure the dog has identification in the form of a collar, with the owner’s name and contact details.

Get your dog micro-chipped. If the dog escapes, the owner can be located.

Make sure your property is fully fenced and gated.

Discourage dogs from accepting food from strangers.

It is also ideal to have security cameras along your property. 

Source: The NSPCA and SPCA eManzimtoti.

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